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11/8/2021 New Theme to site – Journey


Adding footnote style reference numbers after a specific topic in the posts. For example:

Dr Leary – Located on High St near Boardman St. [2]

The [2] will let you know the person and comment below the post that added the specific info.  This gives credit to the commenter & allows the reader to reference additional info faster.  So comment #2 had Dr Leary listed as a Doctor before I added him.  Also it can reference a fact from the commenter. I am adding it manually so it will take some time.   updated 10-25-10


Purchased a 1984 NBPTMA  phone book from eBay on 11-24-09.

Newburyport, Ma 1984 Phone Book
Newburyport, Ma 1984 Phone Book

Added a YEAT page for your pleasure. 11-18-09

Passing of Richard F Walsh of Waterfront Farms.

Adventureland updated

Waterfront farms updated

The passing of Dennis Brown Obituary added.

Search plugin currently being used is Search Everything 6.1.7.  I usually use Search Unleashed, however it doesn’t seem to be working and is actually bringing the site down.

I have pics to e uploaded this weekend 6-6-09.

I have a     – auction site I am experimenting with.  It’s like ebay but will cost you nothing to add a Newburyport Ma item for auction.

Hand Tubs / Firemen Musters/

Built: 1878 Manufacture: Button Cylinders: 10 Reg #: 650 Fire Department: Newburyport, Ma Class: A Neptune 8 – is owned by the Neptune Veteran Firemen’s Association of  Newburyport Ma. ————————————————————————————————————- Ould Newbury Protection #1 -This pump’s hometown is Newbury, Ma. Built: 1865 Manufacture: J Cylinders: 10 Reg #: ?? Fire Department: Newbury, Ma Class: A […]

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