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  • We are looking for any picture you may want to contribute to this site showing Newburyport between 1950-1990 approximately. Even though we are using Google mapping, it is always better to have an actual ground level picture. Credit will be given for the picture.  Email pics to questions AT

Hand Tubs / Firemen Musters/

Built: 1878 Manufacture: Button Cylinders: 10 Reg #: 650 Fire Department: Newburyport, Ma Class: A Neptune 8 – is owned by the Neptune Veteran Firemen’s Association of  Newburyport Ma. ————————————————————————————————————- Ould Newbury Protection #1 -This pump’s hometown is Newbury, Ma. Built: 1865 Manufacture: J Cylinders: 10 Reg #: ?? Fire Department: Newbury, Ma Class: A […]

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