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History your way not their way…  

Help build an online free museum of local memories, share photos and documents so others can remember the way it was in “The Day.” You are the historians who will help write this chapter in Newburyport History. Remember if you don’t help write it “They will.”  – Then your history will certainly be lost forever! 

My Newburyport could actually be your Newburyport! I love the history of this city, but how many books, websites, and museums can you read, and visit all delivering the same historical information. You know the usual suspects, such as Lord Timothy Dexter, William Lloyd Garrison and that woman who choked to death on a pea, but not to be confused with Dexter’s Pickle. Stay awake with me now as we are about to enter the 20th century.  

Greatness and admiration in the eyes of a voyeur towards someone, something or some place is wasted, if you let time take it from you. More often than not, you are just one of many admirers of that special place. However, it is possible you could be the only one, and that is the exact type of history we are yearning for. Help me pack this site with local memories from the decades of Happiness, Love, Indulgence and Greed. The typical Newburyport experience was not that of Dexter and Cushing. It was that of the common man and woman, many of whom lived in the same home you are in now.  

Do we share the same Newburyport? Contribute, relive and help keep alive this time in Newburyport’s history. You are already a part of it! 

Shawn Gearin  

My Memory Years 1967-1996 


North End 

Shawn Gearin

FYI the locations of referenced businesses may or may not be located CURRENTLY at the locations we talk about. If you are using this site as a “find a pizza place” you may be purchasing clothes or knocking at a private residence when you get there. However, if known we sometimes give the present location.  Shawn Gearin is a former resident and Newburyport business owner from 1967 to 1996 

This sight is continuously being updated. 

When the time is right the purpose of this site is to document somewhat recent Newburyport History by its town folks.   I hope to print this site or drop off the entire electronic copy database to City Hall or a responsible party moments before my death on horseback, in hopes someone will do the right thing with the information for townies in the 22nd century and beyond to enjoy! 


Small Print 

Statement- this site is in no way passing judgment on anyone, anything or any place. We feel a town or city is constructed of many different individuals, thus making up the populous and feel of a particular place. Negative slamming* of an individual is not what this site is about and all comments will be flagged for your revision. Fact is, if a person, place or thing is mentioned on this site it is because you have added to Newburyport’s local history. We also believe you have an interesting life story to tell. We may even like you! Please note by commenting your comments may be used in future media sources for NBPTMA.com.  We will contact you, if possible, prior to any use of original comment/ post text.  Your comments are copyrighted to you as the creator.  NBPTMA.com owns the right to remove them or display them anywhere on this site. If authoring a post, I agree that the history I enter is truthful & factual. Personal opinions are allowed as always.  If you wish your name to be removed from posts, please contact us.  Any private comments may be addressed to this email. 

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*Negative Slamming – by this site’s definition is constant berating of someone and their character or lack of.  Mentioning an obvious negative fact toward a person, place or thing that is factual, or suspected through the history or present day to be probable or true is not negative slamming.  Mentioning it more than you need chronically to get your point across is.  Example: Lord Timothy Dexter was known to be a weirdo.  Lord Timothy Dexter was once caught having a romantic interlude with one of his 20-foot-tall statues.  I think, and hope you get the point.   The statue example would be a no go.  Opinions are not always factual.  I am not in the market to edit opinions.  Saying you think the city counselor is a buffoon is your opinion.  Saying the city counselor is an axe murderer may be your opinion, but it’s also going to get you flagged, so you can rephrase your wording.  There are always other ways of saying the same thing.  Learning that word art, will serve you well.   


Hand Tubs / Firemen Musters/

Built: 1878 Manufacture: Button Cylinders: 10 Reg #: 650 Fire Department: Newburyport, Ma Class: A Neptune 8 – is owned by the Neptune Veteran Firemen’s Association of  Newburyport Ma. ————————————————————————————————————- Ould Newbury Protection #1 -This pump’s hometown is Newbury, Ma. Built: 1865 Manufacture: J Cylinders: 10 Reg #: ?? Fire Department: Newbury, Ma Class: A […]

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