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We have finally kicked the old theme down the road for a newer one! After 8 years of looking like an outdated site, we now have a new look and it is long overdue. Over the course of the next few weeks, we may remove some features on the site as well as install some new. I am bringing back the ability to create your own post so you can tell us directly about your Newburyport experience. We had this option a while back, but had issues supporting the feature. If you see any improvements or features, you would like to see please reply to this post. Thanks for your support! I look forward to kicking this site in the ass and seeing what we can do to tell everyone’s story of Newburyport.

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Hand Tubs / Firemen Musters/

Built: 1878 Manufacture: Button Cylinders: 10 Reg #: 650 Fire Department: Newburyport, Ma Class: A Neptune 8 – is owned by the Neptune Veteran Firemen’s Association of  Newburyport Ma. ————————————————————————————————————- Ould Newbury Protection #1 -This pump’s hometown is Newbury, Ma. Built: 1865 Manufacture: J Cylinders: 10 Reg #: ?? Fire Department: Newbury, Ma Class: A […]

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