Glen Fowler, Artist

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Glen A Fowler

Born at Newburyport, MA on September 27, 1934, Glen Fowler was an artist who painted local scenes of the Salisbury, Newburyport and New England area. What separates Glen from the hundreds of other artists this area has produced is that he paints while holding his brush between his teeth. As a 16 year old student at Newburporyport High School, a car Glen was riding in around Exeter NH hit a tree. He became a quadriplegic as a result of the accident.

Glen’s love of art helped him support himself financially, as he began painting as he held the paintbrush between his teeth. While residing at a teaching hospital at Canton, Ma, Glen met his future wife Joanne Rodgers a student nurse.

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Joanne Rogers – Wife

During the life they shared as a married couple they moved to Salisbury, Ma and had a son Wayne.

“Riding The Waves”

What makes Glen a notable person is his choice to live, contribute and create beautiful works of art, in spite of his accident. His work doesn’t take a backseat to any artists of his day.

After a battle with cancer Glen passed away Dec 9, 1982. His work over the years showed up on murals, postcards, Christmas cards and has won numerous art awards and praise.

What Glen has taught all of us is life is worth living, no matter what hills and mountains you must climb. Even though Glen is gone, his art will remain with us forever.

Reference: Salisbury History, Compiled author Carolyn Seargent. Published by the Salisbury Historical Commission 1991

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  1. "I just found this today. 9/29/22 Glen was my neighbor on "Sandy lane" in Salisbury ma. There son Wayne was my childhood friend growing up. Joanne Glenn's wife was so nice. My Daily visits were always Glenn painting when your a kid it was bizarre to see such a talented man paint with his mouth. Finding this was Cool. ~ Wendi Drew ~

    Wendi Drew September 29, 2022 at 11:55 am Reply

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