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I received an email from a reader wondering why  was not representing the War days in Newburyport and those who walked High St prior to Lord Timothy Dexter.  So I responded with the following:

Thanks for your input.  I always said that I would never do a pre or current Lord Timothy Dexter history, or forum site, since there are so many of them.  What was missing was current history, that many may not think was very important, but will be 100 years from know. The site used to be 1960 to 1990 and intended on being history wrapped around Newburyport’s reconstruction years,  However, as people wrote posts and comments, there were many references to the 1950s.  So the site is always growing and evolving to what people feel they want to discuss.  It’s History Your Way, and that is the theme of this site.  So you raise a good point about War Time Newburyport.  There are many Newbuyporters who did live through that time, who  have a lot of history to add.  So since you pointed it out I have updated the years to 1940 to 1990.    I hope you have a desire to add some of your history to the site.  As you can clearly see the site lacks those years.  I was born in 1967 and not in the position to write a person history of Newburyport during the war years.  I hope you can add some insight.  Again thanks for critiquing the site, and letting me know how it could be improved!  Let me know if you have any other questions or additional input.

Sent to Bob 81 yrs old


So as this response states if I am missing anything you feel I need to cover, then fire away and your wish will be my command!

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Thanks for visiting NBPTMA.com Re-live your history, contribute, add posts, photos and comments – circa 1950 -1990

Thanks for visiting NBPTMA.com Re-live your history, contribute, add posts, photos and comments – circa 1950 -1990

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