Newburyport Rail Trail

Finally a good city decision. As home owners abutting rail road tracks were lengthening their yards for years…along comes this idea!

Old Rail Road Tracks.  This should also be part of the Newburyport Rail Trail.  Currently it is not.

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  1. I brought this up with Mayor “Joke” a few years back. He didn’t think it was doing any harm to have one resident on Harrison St. fence in city, (taxpayer) property. Not only is it still fenced, but the encroacher put up a pool on the site too. A near-by neighbor on the same street extended their yard so that the new corner actually covers the tracks still under the pavement. I plan on walking the old rail line often. I hope to be challenged by the clowns who have extended their yards with-out benefit of having legally obtaining the property in the South end. Already have the kind permission of City Planning to be at my leisure in my ventures. Also look at the “implied” property lines at Will’s Lane and Curzon Mill Bridge and Road. Please feel quite free to use these public ways as often as you wish. And while your at it, take a walk at March’s Hill and get a look at the High St. overpass over the old City R.R. as well as the American Yacht Club boat storage area that extends over the same rail bed. Funny how these extended properties get “over-looked” . Check these areas out at Newburyport City Planning at the City Hall. Or go online to Newburyport GIS map and property finder. Maybe when the weather breaks, we can get a group of Rail Trail supporters to start helping in phase one of the project by clearing the “right of way” and taking down a few “illegal” fences… The “triangle” of City, (tax payer) owned property on Harrison St. was acquired along with a parcel near March’s Hill, with your tax dollars. what a great spot for a nice public garden for all to use and enjoy.

    p.j. nichypor March 9, 2014 at 9:13 pm Reply
  2. The the land the rails were on was taken from property owners
    When the land was no longer needed by the railroad it was suppose
    to revert back to the property owner. These rails to trails
    programs are be challenged all over the country. If the city
    didn’t pay the property owners for the land then they stole it.

    Donald D May 29, 2014 at 8:55 am Reply

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