Newburyport Brewing Company YEAT

Newburyport Brewing Company

My brother Scott and wife Christine brought this to my attention.  It’s new and old at the same time with the word YEAT proudly displayed on the top of the can!  Every can you finish scream YEAT to your neighbor and let them fiqure it out if you’re insulting them or not…NOT.


Newburyport Brewing Company beer2

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  1. I quit drinking quite a while ago, BUT while in town for Yankee Homecoming I tried the Newburyport Pale Ale and have to say it is SPECTACULAR. I also tried a pint of the the Green Head and thought it to be too ‘hoppy’ for me…just saying. Glad to see Newburyport has jumped on the I.P.A. band wagon.

    Karon August 16, 2013 at 11:52 pm Reply

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