The Gates Of Hell"/>

The Gates Of Hell

The Gates of Hell – located on the South West side of the Moseley Estate.  It is 2 large iron doors over 10 ft in height, that were built into a hill that lead underground to a storage area.  Fortunately for some it did not go to Hell.  If it had we’d be missing a lot of locals, and there would be more to this story.   Inside in stark contrast to Hell, it was cold, musty and damp, even during the summer.  It was part of the Fredrick Moseley Estate.  Locate It

Many have visited (entered, explored, partied, drank etc…) the site over the years and some have some unique stories to tell.

I am looking for a photo to use on this post.  If you have one I’d like to include it here.  The gate I believe are gone now though.   Please email me!

Please tell me what you know!

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  1. I always thought that Gates of Hell were the actual gates on Curzon Mill Road. I do remember the doors inside the estate on the side of the hill, somehow they never seemed as creepy to me as the property gates on the road. I always wanted to see what was behind the doors set into the hill tho.
    I recall an urban(e) legend about a guy and a girl ‘back in the 50’s’ who went there to make out, he supposedly heard a noise and went to investigate. he was gone for a few minutes when the girl started to become anxious, next thing she knew his decapitated head fell onto the windshield of the car.

    Chris Becker June 1, 2010 at 2:30 pm Reply
  2. There does seem to be some question about what were the actual Gates of Hell. Some knew it to be the large gates that opened into the side of the hill. This seems to be the obvious choice. However, for a time I thought the gates were the outside entrance to the property. Does anyone know which gates are the true Gates of Hell?

    Newburyport Ma Gates of Hell

    Shawn G - Moderator June 6, 2010 at 11:21 pm Reply
  3. My grandmothers second husband worked on the Moseley Estate , so I got to visit there during the 50s and 60s. When Miss Helen wasn’t around. There were two sets of doors to enter the storage and root cellar, after the first set you walked about ten feet to the second set of doors just as big. The Moseleys had a huge vegetable garden. The large rectangular area close to the ‘doors’ was the garden, there was a grape arbor in the middle.

    Bob Howard August 13, 2010 at 5:17 pm Reply

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