Funeral Homes

Elliot Woodward & Rogers – Green St

Elliot & Cashman – Green St

McKinney & Farmer – High St

Twomey Funeral Home – High St

Twomey & Farmer – High St

This post is a little premature as I have forgotten all the name changes over the years.  Please correct me as I research this.

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  1. Just past the Daily News offices on Liberty St. and the parking lot, was a row of buildings running to Market Square. Some time in the 1960’s Morril’s paint store occupied the east end of this block. A Dutch Boy Paint sign covered most of the brick wall that faced the news building. The other end of the block was occupied by Wein and Check”s gas station and garage. This was one of four gas stations in Market Square. The others were of course, Bossy Gillis’ next to Dugin Supply, a Tulsa station on the western side of the old fire station, and one on the other side of Merrimack St. on the corner of Unicorn St.( I don’t remember the name of that one). Back on Liberty St. were some other businesses that had been closed down, the occupants having moved out. The facades as well as the signage remained for some time. A bar room, I believe named the Log Cabin, was one. Next door was a boarded up business that had a sign over the former entrance that read, Connor Funeral Home. I have no idea when Connor’s closed up for good. I just remember it being boarded up when I was a kid. Seems convenient though, that if you drank yourself to death at the Log Cabin, it was a short haul down a door or two to the funeral home…

    p. j. nichypor November 29, 2009 at 2:05 pm Reply
  2. There was some nasty rumor going around town back in the early to mid 80s that a bunch of necrophiliacs were plying their trade at a local funeral home. Will leave the names for another time due to the information being unsubstantiated.

    Rollie September 12, 2011 at 7:11 pm Reply

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