Yankee Homecoming/Old Fashioned Sunday/Jimmy Day Parade

Jimmy Day Parade
Yankee Homecoming 1970
In his own words Daniel Pailes of Daniel Pailes Book Service at Salisbury wrote a brief description of the 1970 program book.  See if you remember some people!

Official Program of the Homecoming 1970 Pammy Hines and Paula Foley on the Inside Cover a Very young Mayor Byron Matthews. Has Byron with Barbara Barth from Salisbury. She was l ittle miss Mooseheart. More Children Speak out. Maragaret Stokes says she liked the boat races. Margaret went to high school with me at Triton. She was with the class of 1980. There are other from the Class of 80 pictured here with their comments about the Yankee Homecoming. Jimmy McIver, Robert Hallisey, David Marshall, David Martelini, Gerald Volpone, Christy Colby, Ruth Smith, Michael Crowley, Billy Croteau, Michael Jones, Robert Gynan, Teresa Paciulan, Lynda Jo Ramsay, Stephen Jean. Dedication to Jacob Schoul, Frank Dalton Making an Address, George Lawler, Jr., Mayor Matthews all dressed u p for the Pageant. The Beauty Pageant has Judy Girard, Hope Oulette, Louise Gallant. A VERY YOUNG RALPH AYERS, THAT IS THE WORLD FAMOUS RALPH AYERS WHOSE IN CHARGE OF NEWBURYPORT’S EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT TODAY. PICTURE OF ED SPICER GETTING DUNKED AT THE JAYCEES PICNIC. Ed was my shop teacher in High School. Barbara Knight, Making steam clams. Mrs. Knight is Steve Knight’s mom. She was the school nur se at Triton High School for years. Dr. Robert Mulliken is pictured behind the sign that is Mullikem Way. Susan Bayko was Miss Coast Guard. Chairman William King http://www.abebooks.com/home/8407/

Yankee Homecoming 1973

Here are some pictures of the 1973 program book.

Old Fashioned Sunday, Mr Olde Fashioned Sunday Ralph Ayres in the 70’s. You remember the canoe tilt in Frog Pond or the Mall.
Yankee Homecoming 1973Yankee Homecoming Committee

Yankee Homecoming Events 1973

Yankee Homecoming/Jimmy Day Parade 1975

Ralph Ayres, David Marshall, Larry Lovejoy, Me to mention a few, and a 1st place Float Trophy.

These photos were taken at the Port Plaza Newburyport prior to the parade.

Jimmy Day Parade 8-2-1975
Jimmy Day Parade 8-2-1975
Jimmy Day Parade 8-2-1975
Jimmy Day Parade 8-2-1975
Jimmy Day Parade 8-2-1975
Jimmy Day Parade 8-2-197

10 Responses to Yankee Homecoming/Old Fashioned Sunday/Jimmy Day Parade

  1. One “event” that happened in 1968 has stuck with me. Third party presidential candidate George Corley Wallace was to stop on his campaign trail through New England and attempt to rustle up some “Northern” votes. His was a so called “Law and Order” platform. He would repeat those words to the good people of Newburyport from beside the post office, facing out toward Brown Square and falling on the deaf ears of the statue of William “The Liberator” Garrison as well as the the equally deaf, ( due to his biggotted retoric at the time ) ears of most of the large crowd that had gathered for his “talk’… Perhaps it was coincidence that the podium faced that bronze figure in the middle of the square. Or it may have been candidate Wallace’s not so subtle gesture of contempt toward a symbol of equal rights from the civil war era

    p. j. nichypor August 2, 2009 at 11:18 am Reply
  2. (continuation of Wallace ); I was about twelve at the time my friend Carl and my brother Joe stood with the rest of the crowd on Green St. that day. We were already familiar with the style of racism, hate, and fear that this man preached. We had been bombarded with news footage of him and watched him attempt to spread his gospel of segregation and oppression in a country already divided and on the verge of revolution. The secret service “Black Suits” were every where that day. Our hearts went out to poor Mrs. Cousins, as she was watched and shadowed by the feds… She was the only “Person of Color”in attendance and couldn’t move a few feet without a group of suit wearing men moving with her. After all had been said and done by candidate Wallace, the crowd, most of us shaking our heads in dis-belief at what we had just witnessed, headed back home. The great “Liberator” still stood larger than life on the stone base in Brown Square. His likeness seemed to represent the thoughts and beliefs of the majority of Newburyporters. He stood with his back symbolically to the south and the ideas of “apartheid” that had just come from there in the form of George Wallace. The best he had done during his campaign was to convince most voters to elect Nixon as our next “King”… That didn’t work out so well either…

    p. j. nichypor August 2, 2009 at 12:20 pm Reply
  3. I still have a “wooden” nickel from Haydn’s Rexal commemorating some long past Yankee Homecoming. I remember being 10 years old wearing a stupid fake mustache that we bought for Old Fashion Sunday. The Paddy wagon and police dressed in period costume used to roam the Mall area, arresting those men without the proper mustaches. I believe they were put in a roped in “jail” area. I don’t know how “old fashioned” it was to have Craig Hudson attempt to cross the Frog Pond at the Mall on a snowmobile. He didn’t make it and sank in the nasty green colored water. I don’t recall the year, but there was an auto race around the Mall. I think hay bales were used as some form of barrier on the curves. Imagine such a race now. I bet it would be okay with “solar” or “wind” powered cars shaped like “Crocs”, driven by people with over-sized, streamlined, and environmentally “safe” helmets, (not to mention, “tights” as uniforms…). There would of course be numerous categories and levels so as to make such a race “non-competitive”, ( after all, don’t we have to make sure nobody has their feelings hurt by not winning something in today’s “wimped out” society? ). I think we saw the last of the really “cool” Old Fashion Sundays back in the seventies. Things have become way too “homogenized” , the fun has been sucked out of it, (supposedly for our own good…). I for one would personally attempt to raise money for an Old Fashion Sunday that would include: An automobile road race, (loud and smokey…), EVERYONE has to wear a stupid fake mustache, that includes women,( equal rights starts with me… ). And how about some real, honest to God, “greasy” food that when you eat it, it feels like a fist on your heart… So greasy, that you could read a news paper through the brown paper bag it comes in… And a loud and raucous carnival with dangerous rides that have a “genuine” element of “risk”. All culminating in a huge bonfire topped off with burning tires.One that would “rival” any March’s Hill grass fire. So smokey, you could see it from the Space Shuttle. Now “That” would be one hell of a good time… Oh, I almost forgot to include one of the best attractions. A “dunk” tank for any politician who has the nerve to show up. We grab them, bind and gag them, and sit them on the “dunk” seat. We can even fill the “dunk” tank up with some of that nasty green water from the Frog Pond…

    p. j. nichypor October 14, 2009 at 1:21 pm Reply
  4. The “dunk” tank is a great idea as well as that green water ! Could definately find some deserving “candidates” for that event ! Even plop one of those dopey helmets on them to keep them “safe”

    J. Frost March 31, 2010 at 7:25 pm Reply
  5. Yankee Homecoming 1966

    north_ender January 30, 2011 at 7:23 am Reply
  6. Will try to add more photos.

    north_ender January 30, 2011 at 7:29 am Reply
  7. Yankee Homecoming 1963 Wooden Nickel

    north_ender January 30, 2011 at 7:39 am Reply
  8. Ww used to walk in the parade every year either as a Boy Scout or a member of the Pioneer League. Great memories!

    Rollie September 12, 2011 at 6:57 pm Reply
  9. I don’t believe we’ll ever have it OUR WAY any more, way too many non locals telling us how to celebrate OUR YANKEE HOMECOMING too much politicol correctness and yuppies….

    Don Roberge March 4, 2014 at 3:15 pm Reply
  10. I agree with you Don Roberge….the newbies could care less about our history and all our wonderful stories about how things were in the past growing up in Newburyport! Its a shame that we are the last generation that will ever experience that (which I feel blessed to have grown up here in the 60s and 70s)! It was definitely the last straw for me a few years back when they made the decision not to have the musters any longer at Old Fashioned Sunday! That has been a tradition for many years and drew a big crowd, and it was something we always looked forward to as it was a “tradition”, but no one cares about that…..very sad!

    Maria Hayes-Gilfus April 24, 2018 at 9:21 am Reply

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