Path connecting Chapel and Beacon Streets – Many kids on their way to the Belleville School used this path to save time. It exits on both Beacon and Chapel Streets.  Locate It

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  1. p.j. nichypor on May 26th, 2009 at 10:16 pm

    Bottom of Franklin to Salem St. next to the Polish Club. Between Salem and Charles St. next to Newbury shoe. Yhe City Rairoad from Marches Hill to western Division in one direction. Marches Hill, under High St., under Chestnut and Hancock Sts.. Across Purhase St. next to Hicks’s Bakery and past Atkinson’s machine shop off Bromfield St. Through Rangelights Marina and behind Atkinson Lumber, Mc Glew’s welding, the old fire house etc. and into the square. The best path of all was the live rail-bed alll the way to Devil’s Den in Newbury…

  2. jfrost on August 21st, 2009 at 7:53 pm

    Ah , Devils Den ! Now theres a name I hadn’t heard in a while ! The old rail bed was truly a path to adventure …

  3. p. j. nichypor on December 2nd, 2009 at 12:45 am

    a few of our old neighborhood trails have in recent years been mysteriously gobbled up by what seems to be whom ever could grab it first. One particular chunk of real estate in the South End is more blatant than the others. It is the corner property at Harrison and Purchase Sts. Oddly, the railroad tracks from the B&M City Branch are now covered by an extension of that owners yard. This can be easily verified by walking across Purchase on the paved over tracks ( you can clearly see where they are beneath the pavement…). As you get to the Northern side of the street you’ll notice that your blocked by of all things, a fence and some rocks as well as some shrubs. What on earth is happening here, you may wish to know? Funny, the tracks are under this yard and then pop out the other side… Hmmmm, did someone intentionally TAKE property that does not LEGALLY belong to them, hoping no one would notice? The Mayor, J. Moak knows about it. How do I know? Because I walked into the corner office and called his attention to it and other cases of encroachment. It seems that the rail line as well as CITY property, ( that would be the property of the good taxpayers of Newburyport…) has been grabbed and used to extend several yards in this neighborhood. So lets get this right, property that is being used and enjoyed but not having taxes paid on it… Does the tax collector’s office know about it? Yeah, I showed them too… The Mayor said, ( and I quote…) “what is it hurting any way” ? “If that land was open to the people, it would turn into a dump”… That’s right , he says it’s O.K. with him that everybody else in town footed the bill to buy this land from the B&M railroad, and a neighbor gets to fence it in and keep you out… You can check this out buy logging onto Newburyport Web GIS. Go to Parcel 26-75 to see the actual property line for the corner lot where the rails are under the guy’s yard. J. Moak did have a concern with this encroachment as it doe\s violate city codes , ( you can look it up to…). Not much has changed in Newburyport, has it? I encourage every taxpaying citizen of Newburyport to continue to hold the “Hired Hands” down at city hall accountable. This isn’t a huge issue, but if things like this go unheeded, then what other mischief could those at city hall be up to??? Check out the property taking with regard to parcel 26-35. That piece of land was recently purchased with your tax dollars to be used as part of a rail trail. Too bad it has been annexed at your expense too, by the folks right next door. You can look that one up also… What happened to accountability in the municipal depts. in Newburyport? I welcome comments from the honest folks who read and contribute on this site. My effort is to call attention to an area we all used to be able to walk on and enjoy. Now, that is being kept from past generations like me as well as current citizens and neighbors. If this is allowed to go on on a small scale like this, imagine what some developer with all kinds of money will be able to do to your city… Remember history…. Make history….

  4. Chris Becker on May 25th, 2010 at 1:31 am

    When I was getting my Citizenship in the Community merit badge I had to go to City hall, I think it was Ed Molin’s turn as Mayor, not sure (around 1993-4). I was unimpressed by the whole thing, it just seemed so ol’ boy’s club feeling.
    Eh, what did I know, I was 17.

  5. Rollie on September 12th, 2011 at 7:26 pm

    There was a great bike path that was located behind the Little League baseball field off of Ashland Street I believe and wound its way all the way down to Merrimac Street dumping out into the parking lot of Goulds.

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