Nock Middle School

What is for school lunch next week for the following week of May 14, 1983?


Al MacDonald – Music

Daniel Krassa – Science

William Rolfe

Mr Diresta

Please add your memories to this school.

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  1. Can’t forget :

    Mrs. Robinson – Math
    Mr. Carter – Science …remember the “mud walk” ?
    Mr. Kyrios ( sp? )- History …chess & model airplane master
    Mrs. Taranda – Math
    …and wasn’t it Mr. Willard Roafe ? – Langauge Arts
    Mr. Hodge – Spanish
    Mr. Maher – History

    jfrost November 29, 2008 at 10:45 am Reply
  2. Those look like some of the teachers I had, or maybe they were the ‘Gold’ team, I remember I was ‘Crimson’.

    Lunch time in the library you could sit down and be read a story by ???

    A couple years after we left, mrs hodson passed away

    Did anyone ever go up into the greenhouse on the roof? It was accessed by a room on the second floor with a spiral staircase going up into the little space on the roof. It always smelled like moist soil and geraniums.

    I remember I broke my wrist in the west parking lot/playground one winter. I was kicking some light snow and slipped on the ice underneath, and used my arm to break (literally) my fall. I went to the school nurse, who insisted there was nothing wrong and that I just sit there and rest for a while with some ice. I had broken the same wrist a year or two before at my babysitters house, so I was familiar with the pain…anyone who has broken a bone knows the incredible dull ache that makes you nauseous. when I got home that afternoon my mom and aunt took me to Anna Jacques, there the doctor’s were furious that I hadn’t come seen them sooner. I really don’t ever remember seeing that nurse again.

    I also recall being in the cafeteria watching the Challenger disaster, that was really weird.

    The same cafeteria held the rubber-band derby. I remember that Roy Lavender and I won both categories with our entry, distance and speed. Our car went all the way into the teachers lounge.

    I was usually a well behaved kid, but I do remember that I told the female P.E. teacher essentially to F off, when I didn’t wanna run around the track. I got in sooo much trouble: principal’s office, in-school suspension…got me some clout with the miscreants tho!

    Chris Becker May 25, 2010 at 10:06 am Reply
  3. Hi,that is one thing I will always remember is the mud walk 🙂 with Mr.Carter the was one of my fav things that happen in school .We had a great batch of teachers back then at the middle school.

    Bonny Abrahams April 11, 2012 at 4:02 pm Reply

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