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What a beautiful word in the Newburyport Dictionary. Coming from anyone else except a fellow Newburyporter, it may be taken by some as an insult.  It may mean in some instances a disapproval of something, or if said/pronounced differently an approval or “YA.”  The word first came to being in Newburyport around the 2nd World War.  A soldier in the armed forces overseas  could identify a Newburyport resident by the use of the word.




Shawn: Hey Chris, YEAT!


Translated = a mutual greeting.


Shawn: Hey Chris how’s it going?

Chris: YEAT!

Translated = OK


Shawn: Hey Chris want to help me move this couch?

Chris: YEAT!

Translated = NO


Click here to see what a Google search of YEAT brings up.

YEAT Defined

Is this definition correct for yeat and has the meaning and usage of the word changed over the years following 1940 to 1990?

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