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Adding footnote style reference numbers after a specific topic in the posts. For example:

Dr Leary – Located on High St near Boardman St. [2]

The [2] will let you know the person and comment below the post that added the specific info.  This gives credit to the commenter & allows the reader to reference additional info faster.  So comment #2 had Dr Leary listed as a Doctor before I added him.  Also it can reference a fact from the commenter. I am adding it manually so it will take some time.   updated 10-25-10


Purchased a 1984 NBPTMA  phone book from eBay on 11-24-09.

Newburyport, Ma 1984 Phone Book

Newburyport, Ma 1984 Phone Book

Added a YEAT page for your pleasure. 11-18-09

Passing of Richard F Walsh of Waterfront Farms.

Adventureland updated

Waterfront farms updated

The passing of Dennis Brown Obituary added.

Search plugin currently being used is Search Everything 6.1.7.  I usually use Search Unleashed, however it doesn’t seem to be working and is actually bringing the site down.

I have pics to e uploaded this weekend 6-6-09.

I have a     – auction site I am experimenting with.  It’s like ebay but will cost you nothing to add a Newburyport Ma item for auction.

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  1. Joe McLaughlin on May 1st, 2012 at 2:18 pm

    It is interesting that you have a image of the IC church on your header. One of my earliest recollections is the fire that burnt the IC school and set the stepal of the church on fire. It formally was much taller but was never replaced after the fire. Farther Moony had gone to retreve the the holy contents of IC and had to be dragged from the church as it was burning. The convent replaced the school and the chapel (where the parking lot is now) converted to a grammar school. Eventually the “new” grammar school was built just north of the church.

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Thanks for visiting Re-live your history, contribute, add posts, photos and comments – circa 1950 -1990

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