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This country and ability to create this web site is brought to you by the United States Armed Forces.
Without the Armed Forces of the United States of America our country would seize to exist as we know it.

We in the United States, are only afforded our fake reality of how the world really is because these brave soldiers have allowed it to happen.

I have the the most respect for these individuals putting their only life on the line for the United States and their missions! They had to leave their family and friends – please show your support for them and all who are serving!

My contribution – James J. Robinson formerly of Newburyport now from Gardner, Ma, Army National Guard Kosovo 2006-2007. Former Newburyport resident and student back in the 70’s. His mother Cynthia was a crossing guard for the Belleville School on High St during that period also. Currently serving with the 101st Engineer Battalion in Iraq.

Michael Izzo from Waltham, Ma 2003 West Point Graduate- Now serving in Iraq from 2006-

Please enter your soldier or veteran so we can all know who he or she is.

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