Make Newburyport Great Again

All Empires crumble. Newburyport has done so a few times. It rose from the ashes of a Great fire. When ship building died, it built a factory and mill economy. It rebuilt as well as it could after a second great fire and clung to life until surrendering to Urban Renewal. A couple of dozen […]

The Yeat Ride- YEAT!

My brother Scott Gearin sent me a few YEAT stickers to NC.  Thank you.  Looks good! Thank you P.J.Nichypor for the old school YEAT photo.  Just goes to show the YEAT lives on forever.   Slang of the Day

Threadneedle Alley?

I was curious about the Coka-Cola ad painted on the brick wall outside Rockfish at 38 State Street, in the alley. Does anyone know what it says or know where I could find an old photo of it? It is very faded, but above the Coke sign is something like “Soup Bowl”? I’m just very […]

Mr. Grocer’s

Does anyone have a picture of Mr. Grocer’s or an old bag with the logo? I wanted to scan it for an art project. But either way… That was a strange food store, I just remember there being a basement were you could drop things (cans or bottles I’m assuming) down…let me tell you, for […]

waterfront farms

I worked at the farm in about 1953 picking spinach.Dick would pick us kids,my brothers ,me and other kids up at the French school and drive us to the farm to pick.The bushel baskets were weighed and we would receive maybe 25 cents per bushel. Some of the kids that I didn’t know would put […]

The First – Page Circa 2007

Visit the first page in 2007.  I wanted to keep it simple, but it wasn’t to be!  I actually wanted it to be just one page that would contain all the information you’d ever wanted to know about Newburyport MA during 1950 -1990.  Initially it was 1960 until someone emailed me something regarding 1955. […]

Fire Houses / Stations

Forrester St Fire House – located at the corner of Forrester St and Maple St.  This brick structure once a fire house is now a residence.  It is located opposite the currier school.  Locate it

The Daily News of Newburyport, Ma

The Daily News once known as the Daily Herald is the main newspaper for Newburyport, and its surrounding area. Employees and contributors to The Daily News from 1950-1990. John J. O’Neil – Editor of The Daily News Obit JOHN O’NEIL, NEWBURYPORT EDITOR :[FIRST Edition]. (1981, September 30). Boston Globe (pre-1997 Fulltext),p. 1.  Retrieved November 29, 2009, from Boston Globe. (Document […]

The Boardwalk

For more info on the waterfront project please visit this site: Eagle Tribune Please add your Boardwalk Memories

The Port Plaza

The Port Plaza was where Newburyporters shopped in town for most of their everyday needs. Locate It

Merry Christmas & Happy Hanukkah

Merry Christmas & Happy Hanukkah 2008.  Sorry that’s it.  Nothing else is recognized- remember this is NBPTMA 1950-1990 – Pre- invasion.


The Daily News – Retro Page Tuesday, June 17, 1986 Daily News Staff: John O’Neil


Doctors Dr Kneller – located on High St between Woodland and Chapel. He was a general practitioner. [6]   Locate It Dr Francis Bell – Located on 23 Pond St Newburyport.  He was a chiropractor.  Locate it Dr Mack – Dr. Dervan – Located on High St across from Buck St. His home office was  […]

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Thanks for visiting Re-live your history, contribute, add posts, photos and comments – circa 1950 -1990

Thanks for visiting Re-live your history, contribute, add posts, photos and comments – circa 1950 -1990

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Random Memory Quotes

“I remember Matthews Market across the street from the Currier School on Forrester St and don't forget about Fowles Market on High St. which also had the Best Pepper Steak.”
by F. Rogers – History Your Way Newburyport Ma Circa 1950-1990 » Convenience Stores / Corner Stores / Variety Stores

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