Newburyport Clippers Football

World War II Memorial Stadium – Is the place the Newburyport Clippers play football. Memories include walking up the hill of Mount Rural to buy tickets on a cool autumn day and hearing the Newburyport High School Band play the theme to Rocky “Gonna Fly Now” at different times throughout the game.  Going to the […]

Crossing Guards

We all had to cross the street in front of the school we attended, unless you crossed down the road a bit from the school and tempted cars to run you over as many of us did.  Do you remember the name of your crossing guard? Belleville School – Circa 1977 I add Cynthia Robinson.  […]

Currier School

The Currier school is located on Forester street.  Locate It After years of being vacant the school building was renovated in the 80’s and is now a medical/office building. Please add your Currier School memories…

Jackman School

The Jackman School was located on School St. Please add your Jackman School memories…

Davenport School

The Davenport School housed grades 1 – 4 located on Congress street St. The  Kent sreet parking lot is behind it. Please add your Davenport School memories…

AL MacDonald Music Teacher

Al MacDonald was a music teacher in the Newburport and Amesbury school.  He was a 1970 Berklee Graduate.  I remember him as my marching band and stage band teacher in the Nock Middle School during 1978-1982.   I remember him telling me he was in his own jazz band at the time.  I was in the NBPT Middle […]

Newburyport High School

What is for school lunch next week for the following week of May 14, 1983? Please share your memories…

Belleville Elementary School

What is for school lunch next week for the following week of May 14, 1983? Principal – Joseph Donnelly Teachers mid to late 1970’s Mr Raymond 4th grade – He was known for saying, “Are you asking me or telling me?” when a student answered a question, and he sensed hesitation in his answer. Mrs Stromquist (Helen?) […]

Immaculate Conception School

Please add your memories to this school.

Brown School

Please add your memories to this school.

Kelly School

Please add your memories to this school.

Nock Middle School

What is for school lunch next week for the following week of May 14, 1983? Teachers Al MacDonald – Music Daniel Krassa – Science William Rolfe Mr Diresta Please add your memories to this school.

Whittier Regional Vocational Technical High School

What is for school lunch next week for the following week of May 14, 1983? “Whittier Regional Vocational Technical High School” Say that ten times fast. Most of us back in the 80’s were drawn to Whittier for many different reasons. Some of those were: Alternating weeks of academics and shop. We hated regular school […]

Patrol Boy

School Stuff Patrol Boy, at the Belleville Elementary School. Don’t walk on the grass or you’ll go to the office. That office was Joseph Donnelly’s office. You’re going to Donnelly’s! As a patrol boy you wore an yellow orange belt around your waist with an attached across the chest belt that went over your shoulder. […]

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“The Frolics Ballroom – In its heyday this place saw the likes of Sinatra, Liberace and Aerosmith. With more bands going to the club casino at Hampton Beach, the Frolics hosted low life acts such as GG Alin, which as I see it, was the nail in the coffin for this venue in the Mid 1980’s. Curtains please!”
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