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NBPTMA.com is now on Face Book.  Please visit! Obviously FaceBook is just a tool to get interested parties to come to NBPTMA.com.  However, Face Book is an excellent way to interact with people you know and who you went to school with.  I love FB, but I love NBPTMA.com better.  Help me grow the site- […]

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If you want to be listed on a new page as a writer or photo contributor please email me at questions@nbptma.com We are looking for pics from about 1950 to 1995 that tells the History of NBPTMa.


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“Perkins….of us “north-enders” didn’t venture down there very often.”
by Martin Crowley NBPTMA.com – History Your Way Newburyport Ma Circa 1950-1990 » Parks & Baseball Fields

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