Thomas Temple Hoopes Ph.D 1898-1981

Thomas Temple Hoopes Ph.D 1898-1981

When I was 9 years old living back at 5 Walnut st I found a folder in the pantry high up on a shelf.  Opening it up I discovered what you see in the following picture.  For years I wondered who he was and why this file had shown up at my childhood home.   One day I googled him and received  many hits.  However, no one seemed to have as much personal information as I did in this folder about his life.  He was the Curator at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  Afterwords from 1936 to 1964 he was the curator of the  St Louis City Art Museum.  He has published many works.  He has a prize award given out to students from a great many colleges from Harvard to University of Texas.  He is a expert in arms and armor and spend time in the Navy as an officer.   His childhood family lived in Newbury/Byfield do you have any info on him? I have more than I would ever want to know about this individual.

Thomas Temple Hoopes Lost Personal Files

Thomas Temple Hoopes Lost Personal Files

A few items are: custom printed christmas cards, newspapers with a photo of him, classified Navy documents and personal letters, and maps, marriage info Union Club Member of Boston, genealogy info etc…etc.

I will be listing the items found in the folder soon and trying to create a bio based on this info.  Let me know if you have any.  I still don’t have the reason for these papers showing up where I lived.

His picture profile is seen on the left of this photo.  He is also on the left in the picture.

Dr Thomas T Hoopes & Director Perry T Rathbone

Dr Thomas T Hoopes & Director Perry T Rathbone

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