The Newburyport Mayor’s Office

We are building a list of past Newburyport mayors. It is still a work in progress. If you know of any additional mayors that I have missed from 1950 to 2000 please let me know.

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Former Mayors of Newburyport

Former Mayors of Newburyport

Bryan-Eaton-photo 2010

Newburyport: Under a portrait of Newburyport’s first mayor, Caleb Cushing, the nine living former mayors attended the inauguration of Mayor Donna Holaday. Back, from left, John Moak, Byron Matthews, Mary Anne Clancy, Lisa Mead, Richard Sullivan and his son, Chris. Front, from left, Al Lavender, George Lawler, Holaday and Mary Carrier. Bryan Eaton/Staff Photo

Mayor of NewburyportServed Terms (2 yrs)Notes
Andrew J. Gillis1928-1929; 1930-1931; 1936-1937; 1950-1951; 1952-1953; 1958-1959Birth Aug 26, 1896
Deceased Nov 4, 1965
Buried St Mary's Cemetery
John H Kelleher1942-1943; 1944-1945; 1946-1947; 1948-1949Birth Jun 4, 1893
Deceased Mar 1, 1972
Buried St Mary's Cemetery
Henry Graf, Jr1954-1955; 1956-1957; 1958-1959Birth Aug 17, 1909
Deceased Oct 13, 1965
Buried Oak Hill Cemetery
Albert H. Zabriskie1960-1961; 1962-1963Birth Dec 17, 1917
Deceased Feb 23, 1993
Buried St Mary's Cemetery
George H. Lawler, Jr.1964-1965; 1966-1967Birth Oct 1, 1927
Byron J Mathews1968-1969; 1970-1971; 1973-1974; 1975-1976; 1977-1978Birth Aug 30, 1928
Richard E. Sullivan1978-1979; 1980-1981;1982-1983; 1984-1985Birth Nov 5, 1933
Edward G. Molin1988-1989Birth Dec 27, 1919
Peter J. Mathews1985-1986; 1990-1991;
Birth Feb 22, 1922
Deceased 1999 age 76
Lisa L. Mead1994-1995; 1996-1997; 1998-1999; 2000-2002Birth Jan 22, 1962
Mary M. CarrierLiving
John F. MoakLiving
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5 Responses to “The Newburyport Mayor’s Office”

  1. north_ender on December 12th, 2010 at 4:38 pm

    1950-1953 Andrew J. “Bossy” Gillis
    1954-1957 Henry Graf
    1958-1959 Andrew J. “Bossy” Gillis
    1960-1963 Albert H. Zabriskie
    1964-1967 George H. Lawler
    1968-1977 Byron Matthews
    1978-1985 (?) Richard Sullivan

  2. Shawn G - Moderator on December 16th, 2010 at 2:10 am

    Thanks for the added info north_ender. You would think the Newburyport mayor history info would be easy to find online. -It’s not.

  3. north_ender on December 18th, 2010 at 5:43 pm

    There is a book “The Mayors of Newburyport, 1851 to the Present,” edited and compiled by Jerie Larson and Todd C. Woodworth which takes them from Calb Cushing through Lisa Mead.

  4. P. Preservationist on April 16th, 2011 at 8:10 am

    What happened to Mayor Al Lavender?
    What happened to Mayor Mary Ann Clancy?


  5. Mark Wing (USS MIDWAY) on February 27th, 2012 at 10:24 am

    I met Mayor Sullivan in 1984, took a day trip from S Weymouth where I was stationed at the Naval Air Station. I was stationed with his sons Cris and Dick aboard the Carrier Midway in 1980-1981, hung out with Cris quite abit, great guy.

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