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Neptune 8 Hand Tub Newburyport MA

Neptune 8 Hand Tub Newburyport MA

Built: 1878

Manufacture: Button

Cylinders: 10

Reg #: 650

Fire Department: Newburyport, Ma

Class: A

Neptune 8 – is owned by the Neptune Veteran Firemen’s Association of  Newburyport Ma.


Ould Newbury Protection #1 -This pump’s hometown is Newbury, Ma.

Built: 1865

Manufacture: J

Cylinders: 10

Reg #: ??

Fire Department: Newbury, Ma

Class: A

Please add your photos and memories.

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3 Responses to “Hand Tubs / Firemen Musters/”

  1. brownwey on July 22nd, 2010 at 12:23 am

    A great Pictorial in the October 24, 1960 Issue of Life Magazine.


    I hope the link works here, a story about the Hand-tub Musters mentioned above, Includes pictures of the Neptune 8 and Ould Newbury Protection No. 1. The pictures were taken up by the Mall. Me and my family are probably in those shots somewhere, MY dad and brother were members of the Neps and I always ran through the spray with all the other little kids – a great memory to look through.

  2. Eddie Baker on January 2nd, 2014 at 3:28 am

    I’m a Holbrook ma firefighter and I am working on our department history it seems our two town histories are intertwined. Your Protection #1 was originally ours. The J on the manufacturer is for the Jeffers Company and it was originally purchased by East Randolph which is what Holbrook was before breaking away and incorporating, West Randolph is Avon Ma and before that we were all part of Braintree. I have pictures of it through the years even when it was yours I also have a copy of a programs from a 1951 musters in Newbury. South Randolph was a section of Holbrook called Brookville near the Brockton line and the group that ran it in the Musters was the Brookville Veterans fire association it was purchased in April of 1908 from the Excelsior Co of Long Island N.Y. and was entered in its first muster in August of 1908. In 1928 it was loaned to West Quincy and then in 1948 it wound up with you guys. I would attach the photos and pages but there too large for your program contact me and I’ll email them to you if you want to use them

  3. Bill Ward on June 26th, 2018 at 3:31 am

    This is to the firefighter from Holbrook, Ma
    I believe I’m speaking to Eddie Baker,?
    Sir, I would be very interested in those photos
    As I am also a member of the Protection#1


    William ward,

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