Yankee Homecoming/Old Fashioned Sunday/Jimmy Day Parade

Jimmy Day Parade
Yankee Homecoming 1970
In his own words Daniel Pailes of Daniel Pailes Book Service at Salisbury wrote a brief description of the 1970 program book.  See if you remember some people!

Official Program of the Homecoming 1970 Pammy Hines and Paula Foley on the Inside Cover a Very young Mayor Byron Matthews. Has Byron with Barbara Barth from Salisbury. She was l ittle miss Mooseheart. More Children Speak out. Maragaret Stokes says she liked the boat races. Margaret went to high school with me at Triton. She was with the class of 1980. There are other from the Class of 80 pictured here with their comments about the Yankee Homecoming. Jimmy McIver, Robert Hallisey, David Marshall, David Martelini, Gerald Volpone, Christy Colby, Ruth Smith, Michael Crowley, Billy Croteau, Michael Jones, Robert Gynan, Teresa Paciulan, Lynda Jo Ramsay, Stephen Jean. Dedication to Jacob Schoul, Frank Dalton Making an Address, George Lawler, Jr., Mayor Matthews all dressed u p for the Pageant. The Beauty Pageant has Judy Girard, Hope Oulette, Louise Gallant. A VERY YOUNG RALPH AYERS, THAT IS THE WORLD FAMOUS RALPH AYERS WHOSE IN CHARGE OF NEWBURYPORT’S EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT TODAY. PICTURE OF ED SPICER GETTING DUNKED AT THE JAYCEES PICNIC. Ed was my shop teacher in High School. Barbara Knight, Making steam clams. Mrs. Knight is Steve Knight’s mom. She was the school nur se at Triton High School for years. Dr. Robert Mulliken is pictured behind the sign that is Mullikem Way. Susan Bayko was Miss Coast Guard. Chairman William King http://www.abebooks.com/home/8407/

Yankee Homecoming 1973

Here are some pictures of the 1973 program book.

Old Fashioned Sunday, Mr Olde Fashioned Sunday Ralph Ayres in the 70’s. You remember the canoe tilt in Frog Pond or the Mall.
Yankee Homecoming 1973Yankee Homecoming Committee

Yankee Homecoming Events 1973

Yankee Homecoming/Jimmy Day Parade 1975

Ralph Ayres, David Marshall, Larry Lovejoy, Me to mention a few, and a 1st place Float Trophy.

These photos were taken at the Port Plaza Newburyport prior to the parade.

Jimmy Day Parade 8-2-1975

Jimmy Day Parade 8-2-1975

Jimmy Day Parade 8-2-1975

Jimmy Day Parade 8-2-1975

Jimmy Day Parade 8-2-1975

Jimmy Day Parade 8-2-197

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