A Little Further Out Of Town

A Little Further Out of Town
As a Newburyporter you probably remember…
Amesbury, Ma
Merrill’s Car Wash – Located at the split of Main St and Merrill St. This was an all wooden structure coin operated do it yourself car wash. I think it was called Merrill’s Car Wash. Locate It

Salisbury Beach, Ma

Frolics 1979
Frolics 1979

The Frolics Ballroom – In its heyday this place saw the likes of Sinatra, Liberace and Aerosmith. With more bands going to the club casino at Hampton Beach, the Frolics hosted low life acts such as GG Alin, which as I see it, was the nail in the coffin for this venue in the Mid 1980’s. Curtains please! Locate It

Joe’s Playland – Located at Salisbury Beach for over 90 years. Locate It Website HERE

Leslie West of Mountain

The Frolics Leslie West of Mountain

Dream Machine– All the cool kids worked at Dream Machine. I never worked there. I worked at Waterfront Farms in Newbury.Locate It

Kon Tiki – This was a small bar that had many local bands playing. LocateIt

5 O’Clock Club – I guess it’s always 5 O’Clock at this bar. Some would beg to differ. To some it may have always seemed roughly 2am O’Clock. Locate It

Tic Toc Club – It’s no longer ticking. Locate It

The Amusement Park

Salisbury Beach

Salisbury Beach, Fun Land & Cavalcade Fun Games

The park’s name has changed over the years.

Ocean Park – 1950’s

Shaheen’s Fun-O-Rama – Owned/operated by Roger Shaheen in the 1970’s Locate it

Shaheens Fun Park – 1970’s It has now reverted back to a parking lot as it once was prior to the park.

Pirates Fun Park – 1980 – 90’s The last amusement park at this location. Locate It

Shaheen's Fun Park

Shaheen's Fun Park

Salisbury Bridge Rd

The Turnbuckle – Located on Bridge Rd. This was a bar that had the first

known mechanical bull to ride.

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