Department Stores


JJ Newbury’s – Located on Pleasant st.

In Other Towns

Salisbury, Ma, Cross Roads Plaza established 1952 as the 1st shopping center in Salisbury.

Mammoth Mart

Mammoth Mart, Kings Department Store, Mars Department Store, Stuarts Department Store. All below listed stores occupied the same building location at The Cross Roads Plaza Salisbury, Ma.

Mammoth Mart – A discount department store chain was acquired by Kings Department Store, located at the Cross Roads Plaza in Salisbury. Locate It

Kings Department Stores – Located in the same building as Mammoth Mart. Locate It

Mars Department Store – Located at the same location as Kings once Kings closed. Locate It

Stuart’s – Located at the same location as Mars once Mars closed. Locate It

Food Store, Name Uncertain, maybe First National Grocery Stores – This food store had unusual carriages and a roller system that took your cart from inside the store after you checked out, to outside the store. The store was located at the opposite end of the shopping plaza from Mammoth Mart/Kings. Locate It

Seabrook, NH

Forest Hills- Locate It

Ames Department Store – Locate It

Zayres – located in Seabrook, NH. Locate It

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2 Responses to “Department Stores”

  1. Rick Eck on March 11th, 2009 at 7:19 am

    Downtown on Pleasant St. on the State St. side of the church is where Lunt & Kelly’s
    used to be. At that time(50s & 60s) it was about the only place to get toys, sporting goods, a bicycle, etc.. In addition to being the only hardware store in town.

  2. Mark on August 10th, 2010 at 11:54 pm

    Mammoth Mart was awesome! Pretty much everyone I knew shopped there, b/c it was centrally located and convenient to Amesbury, Salisbury and Newburyport. From what my parents and aunts have told me, the Salisbury Crossroads Plaza Mammoth Mart opened somewhere around 1960-61.

    The supermarket in Crossroads Plaza was indeed a First National, and there was a small Montgomery Wards catalogue store (no actual merchandise, you could just go in and place an order from the catalogue and they would order it for you), a hair salon where my mother and grandmother used to go (can’t remember the name), and the area’s first Kentucky Fried Chicken in a separate building toward the front of the plaza, near where the “Crossroads Plaza” sign is.

    In the Seabrook plaza, Forrest Hills was the original store, later replaced by Ames. There was a second plaza located somewhat near to where that ghastly WalMart plaza is now, but a bit further up, roughly across from where Kohl’s is now, that housed the Zayres and DeMoula’s.

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