Jake’s Cafe – Located on Merrimack St next to the former DPW site. I’m not sure why is was called a cafe, but I’m sure someone out there would know. As far as I remember it may have been owned by a gentleman with the last name of Sargeant. As Newburyport developed from a bombed out vacant ghost town, to where the beautiful people came to dwell and live, there was no room in the neighborhood for a place named Jakes. You see in Newburyport during the late 80’s and into the 90’s, even the name Jake’s could get your sign taken down if it was in the wrong neighborhood. Across from Jakes a new waterfront residential development came to be, and the Jakes sign was just an eye sore to the people in direct view of it. For the rest of us Natives we didn’t have that beautiful person mindset, so it didn’t matter. Merrimac St wasn’t High St anyway… Still isn’t. Locate it.

North End Boat Club – Even though the name suggests “Boat Club”, you never actually had to own a boat to be a member. That simple fact has probably saved many a member’s life. No boat? No problem!  Locate It

DAV – Located off the traffic circle.


The Thirsty Whale- No other bar in town attracted the locals and nightly visitors as much as the Thirsty Whale.  With that said patrons would usually arrive here to meet someone by chance that you probably knew.  If no one was there that you knew, all you had to do was wait a few minutes more and that would change.  I’m not saying everyone went here, but if your crowd did it was a great social meeting spot!

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